A Magical Life: Health, Wealth, and Weight Loss

Your Money Story

June 02, 2021 Season 1 Episode 58
A Magical Life: Health, Wealth, and Weight Loss
Your Money Story
Show Notes

Today Magic will discuss the 5 levels of wealth and why people get stuck in a wealth rut.  The way to change your level of wealth is to change your money story.

The 5 levels:

  1. Financial poverty - living day-to-day, using consumer credit, not saving or investing
  2. Financial stability - spending on limited lifestyle items while saving, rarely is there investing or residual income
  3. Financial security - spending money on limited lifestyle items and limited investments, they see debt as a tool for investing, small residual income
  4. Financial independence - spending money on lifestyle and high-growth investments, debt is leverage, taking calculated risks
  5. Financial freedom - spending money on their ideal lifestyle and strategic investments, money is working for them to support their ideal lifestyle

Your Values TRACK can impact your money story. It can be geared to help you get to where you want to be.
T: What do you love to talk about?
R: What do you love to research?
A: Abilities - learning about investing and lifestyle
C: Contemplate - dream exactly what you want!
K: What do you know a lot about? What are you capable of?

Let's rewrite your money story.  Time to get your journal out!

We've all heard the phrase "time is money." Begin rewriting your money story by writing yourself a list finishing the sentence:
Being wealthy gives me more time because...

Next, set a vision for your wealth.  Set the scene. Who are the players? Where is it taking place?  What things are you going to be doing?  Next, what are your golden values?  What are your shadow values and what things will stand in the way of your money story becoming a reality?  How do you feel about yourself and about your money?  Make your story detailed and very emotive.  Make it as long as you like.  Come back later and add to it if you like.  Read it to yourself every night and your mind will make it real, so your Values TRACK will align to make it happen.

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