A Magical Life: Health, Wealth, and Weight Loss

How Do I Create Joy?

July 14, 2021 Season 1 Episode 64
A Magical Life: Health, Wealth, and Weight Loss
How Do I Create Joy?
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Today we have a listener question: How Do I Create Joy?  What I find in life is that no matter what else is going on in your life, if you don't have true joy in your heart, everything else can feel empty and draining.  

The first step is to identify what lifts you up.  What gives you joy?  What is it that truly lifts you up?  What makes your heart sing? 

Next is to find ways to create opportunities for that.  You will have to create time for that to happen.  Go experience things, new experiences, new people around you, and when you find something that builds true joy within you, you'll feel it on every level.

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Magic Barclay:

Welcome to a magical life, health, wealth, and weight loss. I'm your host Magic Barclay, lead practitioner at Wholistic natural health Australia and number one best selling author. In this podcasts are aimed to give you practical tips on how to accelerate and sustain your health, increase your financial, spiritual, and emotional wealth, and to look at something that haunts many of us, needlessly- weight loss. In some episodes, I'll have guests available to give you even more tips, but in others, the floor is yours. Drop us a line at A Magical Life Podcast on Facebook and let me know what you would like to know more about. Now sit back and enjoy because it is time for you to create and truly discover a magical life. Welcome back to a magical life. I'm your host Magic Barclay. And today I'm answering another listener question. How do I find joy? What I find in life listeners is, no matter how much is going right in your life, if you do not have true joy, that true singing in your heart, the feeling great within yourself, everything else can seem dry and it can seem draining. You really do need to find something that creates joy for you. Now my son and I do wildlife rescue. I wouldn't say it's a joyful thing to do. There is a lot of heartbreak. You've seen a lot of death and destruction, but we take joy from the fact that when we pull an animal off the road, It's not being disrespected. We lay it to rest peacefully and in harmony and in a nice place. That gives us some semblance of relief, not joy, relief. In a whole year of wildlife rescue. We might find one live baby that can go into care. That's lost its mum on the road. And that is true joy for both of us, my son and I, when we look into the eyes of a Joey or chick, whatever the animal is that we now know has another chance at life. That is true joy that makes both our hearts sing. I love gardening. I find true joy in seeing bees come to the flowers on the plants and I've put in my garden. I appreciate that they're there because I've put the hard work in and I can appreciate what they're going to do in their lives. Pollinate other flowers, help build and sustain nature. That gives me true joy. Now for everyone, joy is different, but it's what makes your heart truly sing. It's what gives you that warm glow inside you. So my question to you is what gives you joy? And when you find what gives you true joy, you'll find how you can create opportunities for that. So back to the listener question, how do I find joy? Well, the first step is identify what lifts you up. What gives you that warm feeling from inside your heart? Because for everyone that's going to be different. The second thing is make time for happiness. Make time for true joy. If you don't create time each week to be happy, you will not be happy back in episode 62, a listener asked how do I make time for me? And then I said, schedule it, make sure that you've got it in a routine. There's a lot of different ways to do that. The same goes with finding your joy when you know, what makes your heart sing, you need to make sure it happens. Now on the flip side here, some people find they have quite joyless lives. So, how do they find joy? Well, my suggestion would be go and experience things, experience new people around you, experience new situations, new places, new actions, new thoughts, and when something is truly building joy within you and making your soul happy, which is what joy is, it's your soul being happy. You will know, because you will feel it on every level, you will feel it. So there's some tips I have for how do you find joy? Our guest speaker in episode 65 is Ella Hull. When she's talking about the power of pleasure. And when you hear Ella talk, you know that what she's doing she has found true joy in. And certainly throughout this podcast, many of our guests, you can hear that they have true joy in what they're talking about. So I urge you all. If you haven't listened to all the previous episodes, please go back and listen to them. It might just give you ideas on how you can find true joy for yourself. That was episode 64. Our listener question. How do I find joy? Again, in episode 65, we speak to Ella Hull and, in future episodes. If there is a speaker that you would like to hear from, please send us a message to the Facebook page. www.facebook.com/magicallifepodcast If you have a suggestion for a speaker, if you are a speaker, an author, a teacher, a creator, we would love to speak to you. If you have a listener question, pop it along on that Facebook page, and we will find some answers for you. Our thoughts and perceptions on your question. For now, listeners go forth and create your magical life. Thanks for listening today. Please subscribe to hear future episodes, leaver of you and share this podcast. You can follow us on Facebook at a magical life podcast or at holistic natural health Australia. That's holistic with a w. You can find us on [email protected] or at www.wholisticnaturalhealth.com.au. That's where you access all sorts of articles, freebies, and more.