A Magical Life: Health, Wealth, and Weight Loss

If You Could Change One Thing In Your Life, What Would It Be and Why?

October 13, 2021 Season 1 Episode 77
A Magical Life: Health, Wealth, and Weight Loss
If You Could Change One Thing In Your Life, What Would It Be and Why?
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Today we have a listener question: If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be and why?

My answer may be a little controversial.  I would choose not to get married.  Listen to hear why.

Everything in life happens for a reason and it's important to find the lesson in each and every event, good bad or indifferent.

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Magic Barclay:

Welcome to a magical life. I'm your host magic Barclay. And this is episode 77. Today we have a listener question and that is if you could choose one thing to change in your life, what would it be? And why? I gave this some thought before I decided to record this, not because I want to meter out what I have to say, but probably because it's going to be a little bit controversial. See, I was quite traditional when I was younger, I spent a lot of time partying, drinking, all that kind of thing. Pretty much trashing myself, but I was having fun. Then when I decided that I wanted to be a mum, some part of my brain told me I needed to be married to do so. Now as it turns out marriage wasn't for me at the time, or maybe I just married the wrong person who knows is let's not put any blame anywhere, but when I'm asked, what is the one thing I would change and why, I wouldn't have gotten married. Mainly because I didn't have enough of a relationship with myself. I didn't know what I stood for. I kind of just was going through life, quite aimlessly. I had a great career and I loved my career and I pretty much did everything I turned my hand at night. I loved it, but, I didn't prepare myself to be in a marriage. And so when I did marry, I lost the remnants of myself that I did have. And, you know, I just became someone's wife. And soon enough I became someone's mother. And that is something I had prepared myself for, but not the wife part. So what would I change? I would go back to my younger self and say, you don't have to be married to have a baby. Because I have two best friends in my life, my two sons. I adore them with every fiber of my being. I can't say the same for the person that I was married to. Controversial, yes. Blaming, no .But that's what I would change. Everything else in my life has happened for a reason. It may not have been of my choosing. It may not have been fun. You know, I've had ups and downs just as everyone else. But I wouldn't change them because I've learnt from everything that's happened in my life. But the one thing I would change would be getting married. Now, how can this help you? The simple fact is everything happens in our life, good, bad, indifferent, it really doesn't matter, but everything needs to become a lesson for you. If you don't grow as a person, then things are just happening to you. Not for you. So, yes, marriage, wasn't my cup of tea, but I have learned from it now I've actually learnt to have a better relationship with myself. As I said, I have a fantastic relationship with my two sons. I have brilliant relationships with friends. I create my universe the way I want it. And that is something I learned from a very unhappy situation. So as long as you are learning from everything that happens in your life, and as long as you are building yourself, I think it's okay to wish that you could change one thing or look back and go, yeah, I would change one thing, but really focus on what that one thing that you would change has actually taught you. The universe has a way of giving you what you need, not necessarily what you want and everything does happen for a reason. You just have to be able to dig deep and find that. So that's our listener question for today. coming up in episode 78, we have Camille, Maton talking about love to lose and I think she will reiterate some of today's thoughts. I hope you've enjoyed today's podcast. It's just a short one. Just to listen a question, just a reminder. You can find us at a magical life podcast on Facebook. Submit your listener questions. We will be only too happy to delve into them. And if you have any guests that you would like to suggest, please do that on that Facebook page. Or if you want to be a guest yourself, send us a message. For now, listeners go forth and create your magical life.